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Scanvet: Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound

Scanvet brings cutting-edge ultrasound to veterinary clinics throughout central Maine, from Portland to Augusta. We specialize in diagnostic ultrasound to investigate abdominal and cardiac concerns, thorax and thyroid issues, and more.

What is Scanvet?

Scanvet is a mobile veterinary ultrasound service serving central Maine, from Portland to Augusta.  Scanvet is owned and operated by Dr. Karen Ebersole.  She is on the road Monday – Friday.

Scanvet works directly with veterinarians only.  If you are interested in Dr. Ebersole’s services, please ask your veterinarian to contact Scanvet.

Current Services

Abdominal Study
Cardiac/Thoracic Study
Pregnancy Check
Fine Needle Aspirate Procedures
Telecytology and Teleradiology via Sonopath

How Can Scanvet Benefit My Veterinary Practice?

  • The pet, client, and treatment remain with your practice; no referral necessary.
  • Your patient gets an ultrasound when they need it.
  • Fast, efficient scans, with the highest level of images. We also keep your valuable doctor/tech time into consideration.
  • Next Day report from specialist, to help expedite the continued care of your patient.
  • STAT (4-6 hour turnaround) available

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